Delivery driver accidentally traps customer in his own home with a coffee in hilarious TikTok

A TikToker found himself in a sticky situation when his DoorDash delivery driver accidentally trapped him inside his house using a coffee.

The unfortunately placed iced coffee meant Alex Bradshaw couldn’t open the door without tipping over the presumably much-needed drink.

Bradshaw was working from home and, upon realising he had run out of coffee, decided to open the food delivery app to order an iced coffee and a bagel to be delivered to his home.

In a comically unfortunate scenario, Bradshaw took a video showing how he was unable to open his door to retrieve his coffee.

As this is the property’s only door, and he lives on the second floor, the only way he could get the coffee was by attempting to slip out the narrow crack where the door was able to open safely, or risk spilling the drink by knocking it over with the door.


It’s ok, I do some DoorDash driving from time to time, I can criticize #doordash #coffee #doordash

In the comments, he said he tipped $3.50 on the $11 order and said that, although he left “detailed instructions”, the delivery driver must have missed them. Unfazed by the kerfuffle, he said he found it funny and added that he understood, given he also does DoorDash shifts from time to time.

He wrote: “I was able to just grab it once I got onto the ground, I didn’t really care, just thought it was funny.

“I thought this would be seen by the 12 friends I had on here but clearly this is a very hot button issue haha.”

Since the video was first uploaded in September it has garnered 2.8 million views and over 235,000 likes.

People took to the comments to try and help him solve his issue, with one suggesting he pull the doormat to the left to liberate the coffee.

Poking fun at others who tried to help, one user wrote: “If that happens I go through my toilet to reach the sewer and find the nearest storm drain to crawl out of that’s on the same street I live on to grab.”

Bradshaw himself scratched his head at people who continue to give him tips on safely retrieving the coffee, commenting: “Thank you all for the continued suggestion of using my non-existent back door to retrieve the coffee I ordered almost a month ago. Greatly appreciated.”

He added: “It’s so funny how many people suggest it with the condescending tone of ‘duh idiot!’ haha. As if people don’t live in apartments or townhouses.”

When it happened again three days ago, he threw caution to the wind and flung the door open. Thankfully, the plastic lid on the coffee protected it from spilling.


Reply to @clownantics happened again - gave this a shot #doordash #coffee

However, another attempt two days ago ended tragically.

Winding up those who continue giving him tips on how to free the coffee, he has two videos where he yanks the coffee under the door only for the entire drink to spill both times.


Reply to @skythewo1f this time I had my friend place it there to try out what everyone’s suggested by reaching through the crack. #doordash #coffee


Reply to @katosollo you guys are messing with me now #doordash #coffee

This led to some good-natured ribbing from his audience.

Commenting on one of the videos where he makes a mess on his doormat, one user wrote: “They deserve it at this point.”

Another wrote: “Omg you should try sticking your head in between the door and let someone slam it into really really hard I bet that’d help.” [sic]

“Why do you make everything harder than it has to be? It’s a simple concept,” another user commented.

Another comment read: “At this point you’re on your own man.”

Despite perhaps being grounds for a bad day, Bradshaw’s continued coffee-related predicaments certainly raise a smile with his audience.

Although Bradshaw could see the funny side, we doubt this woman would react as well.

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