Teacher says students are 'tormenting' her with new 'coin boys' flipping trend

Teacher says students are 'tormenting' her with new 'coin boys' flipping trend
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In schools, trends come and go like clockwork, whether they be related to a toy like fidget spinners or pranks they have seen on the internet.

One teacher has opened up about a new and “annoying quirk” that has young people calling themselves “coin boys” and constantly flipping quarters.

The anonymous teacher took to Reddit to complain about freshmen they teach participating in the “coin boys” trend.

The hilarious post explained: “The newest thing here is a flock of self-proclaimed ‘coin boys’ who carry a quarter on hand at all times and constantly flip it.

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“They have their entire personality revolve around coins, coin flips, and chance. When we went around doing an ice-breaker, 4 or 5 of the kids said some variation of ‘I live by the coin and die by the coin’ as their fact.”

In the post, the teacher said one of the “coin boys” said he was going to flip a coin that would decide if he was going to do the assigned piece of work or not.

The teacher explained: “When I assigned the first assignment of the school year, one of the coin boys was bold enough to say ‘heads I do it, tails I don’t.’

“I told him if he flipped the coin he would be getting a call home on the first week of HS. He flipped it anyway and it came up heads (thank god for that at least).

“But then the other coin boy in that class flipped his coin and it came up tails. He said the coin has spoken and he’s not doing it. I say very well, enjoy your 0 and your call home— what a great way to start off the school year and your high school career.”

Their post proceeded to go viral across social media, with many finding the post absolutely hilarious and pledging to “stand with the coin boys”.

The teacher said they had looked up the trend online but hadn’t seen anything else about it, theorising that it must be a local group of friends who made it up.

But, thanks to the viral post, it may have the opposite effect.

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