John Legend covers TikTok viral 'Reading Rainbow' song

A singer was creating a TikTok when he captured the moment he suddenly began to suffer from a heart attack - and has now shared the alarming moment with his followers.

Connor Matthews (@conormatthewsofficial), a 26-year-old singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles posted a video to his 153,000 TikTok followers showing off his dance moves on a sunny day in front of his car.

"This is the TikTok I was making when I had a heart attack," the on-screen text read. "Hadn't danced to my music in a while... should have noticed the palpitations at the beginning.

In the corner of the screen, there was a video of Matthews from the hospital bed with multiple wires attached to the body showing the aftermath of his medical emergency.

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As Matthews continued to dance, more text captions appeared: "It happened at the end."

Then Matthews stopped dancing and held his chest then put two fingers to his neck in order to check his pulse as he experienced heart palpitations - this was the moment he knew something was wrong.


Reply to @mario97ab really did put my whole “heart” into though 😅

Despite the health scare, Matthews was able to joke about the incident and wrote as the caption: "really put my whole 'heart' into [it] though."

In a previous video inside the hospital, Matthews humorously sung the Bee Gee's classic Stayin' Alive after medics "brought him back" and joked once more that his TikTok video "better not flop lol."

Since posting the footage capturing the moment, Matthews video has received 1.3m views, with people sharing their thoughts, jokes and well wishes.

One person joked: "You was killing it tho (No pun intended)"

"Bro checked his pulse like he coded," another person said and in response, Matthews replied: "It’s a shocking feeling when your heart decides to do it’s own thing for once."

Someone else added: "Your immediate reaction to check your own pulse... instincts on point! Hope all is well. Sorry you went through this."

"Hope you'll make a full recovery so you can keep dancing!" a fourth person commented.

Meanwhile, for others the video made them anxious about experiencing a heart attack at a young age like Matthew did.

One person wrote: "The way my health anxiety is set up I really shouldn’t be watching this."

"Not me literally thinking I’m having one right now from watching this," another person said.

Someone else added: "Everyone in the comments with anxiety googling heart attack symptoms now."

"My anxiety now thinks I’m having one," a fourth person replied.

In the comments section, when asked what caused the heart attack Matthews informed his followers of what the doctors had told him it was "Something called Supraventricular tachycardia," but he added that "they aren’t sure the beginning cause for me yet though."

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