Conspiracy theorists think Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's love child. What's the 'evidence'?

left: Fox Photos/Getting Images, right: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There's now a theory that Justin Trudeau was his illegitimate son.

The prime minister of Canada eulogised the fallen dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

He was lambasted for his warm words towards the tyrant last week, but he's since been accused of having a family tie to the Cuban leader.

The thinking that the only reason you'd ever be nice about anyone is if you're their son and heir betrays the mindset of Trudeau's conservative opponents.

Castro met Justin's brother Michel, and his mother Margaret.

In a biography of Justin's father, the Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau, by John English, Castro reportedly complimented Margaret's eyes, and that:

Margaret, who had found official and political life formalistic and tedious thought Cuba (and Castro) thoroughly captivating...

Enthralled by Margaret, Castro would not hear of her absence [at a dinner with Pierre and officials].

This suggestive passage isn't much evidence of Castro fathering Justin.

Moreover, as Vice News points out, Justin was born 25 December 1971, nine months after his Pierre and Margaret's honeymoon in Vancouver, and many years before the family trip to Cuba.

It mostly seems to be another frenzy motivated by a desire to look at photos of Justin Trubeau.


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