​Cops mocked for posting seized handgun that looked like it belonged to 'Noah'

​Cops mocked for posting seized handgun that looked like it belonged to 'Noah'
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Toronto cops proudly posted a handgun they seized onto social media - but people mocked the ancient-looking piece saying they think it belonged to Noah in the "Great Flood."

On Monday (22 August), the Twitter account @TPSGunsSeized, which is the official Toronto Police account for all seized guns, posted a photo of the handgun.

It appeared rusted out with hints of orange on it, potentially from oxidation.

"#offthestreets this week," the post caption read.

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People took to the post's comments section to poke fun, many referencing the biblical figure and ancient times.

One person wrote: "Is this Noah's gat he lost in the Great Flood?"

"off the streets?? Yeah, streets of Babylon," another added.

Some people referenced mythological water figures and Pirates of the Caribbean's Davy Jones.

"Arrr, Davy Jones Glocker," a third quipped.

A fourth added: "Poseidon wants his piece back."

Someone else chimed in and wrote: "Glad Toronto is keeping the streets of Atlantis safe."

On the other hand, many comments simply expressed how great it was for the gun to be off the streets due to the fear of tetanus.

Tetanus is an infection that is caused by bacteria called Clostridium tetani. When that particular bacteria enters the body, it creates a poison that provokes painful muscle contractions.

It is also referred to as "lockjaw" as it often causes someone's neck and jaw muscles to lock, making it hard to swallow or open the mouth.

"Thank God this horrible thing is off the streets. It could have given someone tetanus," one person added.

"The streets of Toronto are now safe...from tetanus," another wrote.

Check out other reactions and comments below to the handgun.

Indy100 reached out to the Toronto Police for comment.

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