A quarantine meme is forcing everyone to make hard choices

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home for weeks now (unless they’re an essential worker).

In that time, whether you live with your family or roommates, you’ll have noticed quirks and habits that you wouldn’t have otherwise. But while you might have to put up with an annoying isolation partner, bear in mind you could be stuck in a house with some of the worst fictional characters around.

People are sharing quarantine house memes – where you get a choice between a handful of houses, each of which has a group of people who may (or may not) get along well together. Some have said it’s a version of the cafeteria table meme, but just updated to reflect our current reality.

There’s a version with American politicians, and others with pop stars from around the world. The History Channel posted a version of the meme with famous historical figures, both dead and alive

Many versions of the meme use real people, while others draw on fictional characters. Some have been genuinely unique combinations – under what other circumstances would you be asked to live in a house with Jacob from Twilight and Nancy Drew?

Even brands and radio stations are making their own versions too – like this one from IHeartRadio, with some controversial choices.

But one, posted by another Twitter user, might be the most realistic – it’s a house with six rooms, all of them filled with responsibilities like looking after your kids or a dog. Scary!

Here are some more of our favourites.

Self-isolation has been deemed the most effective way to prevent coronavirus while scientists continue to develop a vaccine.

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