Heartbreaking reality of the cost of living crisis summed up in one tweet

Heartbreaking reality of the cost of living crisis summed up in one tweet
Inflation surges back to 40-year high after food prices soar

The cost of living crisis is affecting millions across the UK, and the grim reality of it all has been laid bare in a heartbreaking Twitter post.

Teacher and broadcaster Mehreen Baig took to social media to share an experience she had at her school involving one of the young students.

“Yesterday, one of our students nearly fainted at school because she hadn’t eaten. We gave her two apples,” she wrote.

“She ate one, and put one in her bag for her younger sibling. Talking about cost of living isn’t enough. Our children are starving.”

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The post sparked a big response – and sadly, not all of it was positive.

“Shocking ignorance in some of these responses,” Baig wrote. “This isn’t one isolated incident - thousands of children are hungry across the country.

“Teachers witness this every day. While the government is deciding who’s going to be living at No.10 next, who’s looking at feeding our children?”

It comes after research found that millions of families across the UK are skipping meals due to the cost of living crisis.

Research by the consumer watchdog Which? found that an increasing number of people are finding it difficult to eat healthy meals, while four out of 10 are buying expensive or “treat” foods less often.

Sue Davies, Which? head of food policy, commented: “The devastating impact of the cost of living crisis is, worryingly, leading to millions of people skipping meals or struggling to put healthy meals on the table.

“Supermarkets have a crucial role to play in supporting their customers through this very difficult time.

“By making sure that everyone has easy access to budget food ranges that are also healthy, can easily compare the price of products to get the best value and that promotions are targeted at supporting people most in need, supermarkets can help their customers to navigate the tough months ahead.”

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