Couple finds ‘hidden room’ with ‘satanic’ objects in home they just bought

Couple finds ‘hidden room’ with ‘satanic’ objects in home they just bought
Couple finds ‘hidden room’ with ‘satanic’ objects in home they just bought

A couple who appear to have purchased a 1920s house from an auction have come across some strange discoveries in their new home - including a hidden room and "satanic" objects.

TikTok account GeeBeeTV (@geebeetv) regularly shares videos of their home renovations with their 132,000 followers and in this case, there were a few creepy finds that had people freaked out.

At the beginning of the video, the caption from the owner reads how they made a "huge mistake" for purchasing a house at an auction, and we soon find out why.

The clip shows a man uncovering a hidden room where the couple said they opened it and found a Bible "hanging from a hook."

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But that wasn't the only place in the house that had some hidden items. The couple then explored the attic where they found an abandoned suitcase in the corner, and after bravely opening the case to reveal its contents, they said: "There seemed to be ritual items inside."

After this, they also found "strange things" hidden within the walls as well as odd parts, mirrors, and old photos - with a black and white photo that eerily had the eyes burned out of one man in the snap.

Since sharing the odd finds, the video has gone viral after it received 7.3m views, over 500,000 likes, along with thousands of comments - many of which were from fearful people who said how they "don't claim this negative energy" and expressed concern for the couple's new home.


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One person wrote: "OK but the old photo with the eye blacked out on the man that doesn't seem like a good sign either I've seen to many horrors."

"Either the previous tenants placed all that stuff there as a joke or yall are in some trouble," another person said.

Someone else added: "This is exactly how the movie starts and we all know y'all either gonna die or save the house, game on."

"Definitely made a huge mistake entering a cursed house there’s voodoo written all over it," a fourth person replied.

For those looking for further information about the house, GeeBeeTV previously posted a video of the same property and detailed that the house was built in the 1920s - so plenty of time for it to become haunted...


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