Couple leave huge tip for McDonald's worker abused by a customer

Couple leave huge tip for McDonald's worker abused by a customer
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A Sydney couple has been praised for their kind gesture towards a McDonald’s worker they said they witnessed being badly treated by a customer.

Working in hospitality can be really tough, but 21-year-old Jade Murphy claimed she saw a McDonald’s employee being shouted at and having a drink thrown over her by a customer at the Albion Park, New South Wales, drive-thru on Saturday night (16 July).

Upon witnessing the shocking treatment by an angry customer, Murphy was left upset and she and her partner decided to try and makes things better for the young employee by giving her a $50 tip.

In a post on social media, reports Murphy wrote: “I hope you see this gorgeous girl and I hope you spend the money wisely because your [sic] worth more than getting stuff thrown at you.

“Working in fast food isn’t easy, but don’t let anyone make you rethink your job.”

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Murphy believed the employee must have been between 15 and 17 years old in age and said she was close to tears after the couple gave her the generous tip.

The post continued: “Your little angel face looked like you were going to cry when we gave you that money, so I could tell you needed it and deserved it.

“What if that was your daughter who got something thrown at them, you definitely would not have liked that and I’m sure this girls parents wouldn’t like you throwing stuff at their poor daughter.

“YOU GO GIRL, spend that $50 on yourself because you deserve it.”

The girl’s father found the post and responded, thanking the couple for their generosity towards his daughter.

He wrote: “I would like to say thank you for your generosity. My daughter was over the moon when you did this. Yes she had a bad night and we did discuss this.

“But she just wants to do her job and move on, but you made her day. Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

“Like she said to you last night that you didn’t have to. Just wish there were more people in the world that were more caring towards retail workers especially the younger generation.”

Others also praised Murphy for her kindness. One person replied: “That poor girl hope she’s OK and because of your kindness, I think she felt safe that someone was looking out for her.’

Someone else said: “A beautiful thing for you both to do I hope the young girl is OK and you made her night a better one heart of gold you both have.”

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