This guy's phone number was accidentally used in an online ad for a cow - and it was the worst morning of his life

Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Getting the wrong number is a quick-fire recipe for disaster. Whether you accidentally pour your heart out to a stranger, or send an inappropriate picture to a relative - it never ends well.

Well, for one guy, it ended in "the worst morning" of his life, after someone mistakenly added his number to an online advert selling a cow.

Funnily enough, it turns out cows are in demand.

Twitter user Shannon wrote:

Somebody on Craigslist has a cow for sale and accidentally typed my number as the contact number. This has been the worst morning of my life

His screenshot shows seven texts asking about the heifer - which is a farming cow that hasn't borne a calf, or has only borne one.

And it gets even better. Shannon started replying to some of the interested punters.Turns out, people didn't really care all that much....

To quote Bart Simpson:

Don't have a cow, man

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