Redditor's crush story is the most tragic thing you'll read today

Redditor's crush story is the most tragic thing you'll read today
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A man revealed his feelings to his crush - and it may be one of the most tragic things you read all day.

Taking to the sub-Reddit called "Dear Reddit, Today, I F**ked Up," the man anonymously detailed the heart-wrenching situation.

He said that he is 28-years-old but looks a decade younger, has "lacked social skills," and "wasn't very successful with women."

But a few months ago, he said that he met someone with whom he felt he had a connection from the "very beginning," and he seemingly gained her "trust" as well.

"We had spent some great time together, she was also giving me quite a few compliments, and have helped me grow as a person a lot," he wrote.

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"I simply felt that she could be the one for me, we had clicked on so many levels, and quite often, we got emotional as well."

One day he finally got the confidence to share his emotions for her - and the response was not what he imagined.

She said: "I cannot look at you as a man. You are sweet and all, but there is simply not going to be anything between us."

"She was the first person in like 15 years that I felt I had a connection with, and she has made me feel some emotions I have never ever felt before. I was in love. I actually found someone that seemed to have accepted and liked me. Guess I was wrong. SO wrong," he said before adding that he doesn't believe anyone "will ever love" him.

He added: "So there goes my confidence again. It was lovely having you for this short period of time."

"I don't think anyone will ever love me. For real." iStock

People took to the post's comments to commend him for his courage and lend advice to keep moving forward after rejection.

One wrote: "I have [the] utmost respect for you because you had the courage to tell her how you feel. There are no what-if scenarios to play out, and there definitely should be no regrets.

"You should feel good as you look at other options without feeling guilty [about] betraying your crush. You'll eventually find someone who values you and knows your worth; don't give up! :)"

"Don't forget how young you are! I didn't meet 'the one' till 27. It takes time and a few trials and error[s]. Your worthy and capable, in time, you will see that," another added.

A third wrote: "It's ok, brother. There's someone out there looking for just what you have to offer. Just stay true to who you are and what you want. Put out those good vibes, and the universe will send her your way. Or it will send you to her."

Someone else who experienced something similar added: "It seems like she did accept and like you, but not as a boyfriend, which sucks. I've been told I'm 'sweet' before, too, and it blows. Hope you get your confidence back."

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