Curtis and AJ Pritchard are acting together again for TikTok advert

Do not adjust your laptops or phones. This is not a drill. The Pritchard brothers are acting again.

Not content with their woeful soap opera appearance (more on that later), this time they are helping (?!) Oreo flog their doughnuts by posting an advert featuring an odd dance routine which we frankly wouldn't advise doing on a stomach full of doughnuts.

In the advert, which they posted on TikTok, Curtis appears with a box of the snacks and says "Oh my god, have you seen these AJ?"

AJ replies: "Are they the new Oreo doughnuts?"

"Damn right they are, shall we crack them open?" Curtis suggests, and that they do.

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But as they - in sync - bring the doughnuts to their lips, they are transported to a park where they dance to WALK THE MOON's Shut Up and Dance.

They look surprised and move the doughnuts away from their mouths, stopping the dance, but when they go to bite once more the same thing happens again - twice.

They seem to accept the doughnuts transporting them into the cold park eventually though and at the end, the video is captioned: “To enter the #oreodoughnutchallenge, grab any doughnut and show us how you enjoy yours, for a chance to win loads of delicious Oreo treats!”

No, we don't understand it either.

The video obviously made its way to Twitter where it was relentlessly dragged by social media savages:

And the comments on TikTok weren't exactly supportive either.

"GCSE DRAMA BE LIKE…." one person commented.

"Blink if you need help," another wrote.

And a third said: "Apology video now."

We promised more on their soap opera careers later so here it is:

The advert marks the second time the brothers have been mocked for their acting skills or lack thereof.

They enjoyed a short stint on Channel 4's Hollyoaks, where they gave everyone a good laugh by reminding them what their Year 9 drama classes looked like. Does the question "how's Trish?" mean anything to you?

Somehow that appearance wasn't career-ending for the pair which just shows us all what you can do with your 24 hours if you really set your mind to it.

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