Customer gets interviewed for a job at Popeyes in the drive-thru

Customer gets interviewed for a job at Popeyes in the drive-thru
The First Ever Popeyes Is Opening in the UK

An opportunity can come knocking, even at a drive-thru.

In a viral video uploaded to TikTok, a customer asked for a job at a Popeyes drive-thru window.

And this was all after she was told the location was “short-staffed” and that she couldn’t get her chicken for another hour.

TikToker @thoroughbred_84 filmed the incident, in which she and her partner attempted to get some of the Louisiana-style fried chicken at the drive-thru.

The video started showing the couple being told that their Popeyes drive-thru location doesn’t open until 11am.

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The TikToker’s partner, standing outside the car, is almost sure that the drive-thru location is supposed to be open an hour earlier at 10am.

“Ma’am, we’re short-staffed, so we don’t open until 11am,” the drive-thru worker says.

In a turn of events, the partner outside the car then asked for a job to help speed up the process.

"Can I have a job then? Because I’m hungry,” she said before adding that she tried to apply for a role on Popeye’s website, but it kept telling her there was a “server error.”

The woman behind the drive-thru speaker asks her to “come to the window.”

“You wanna interview me now?” the customer asks, to which the worker responds: “Yup.”

“Look at this fool,” @thoroughbred_84 says as she chuckles and pulls around to the next window of the drive-thru to get a shot of her companion standing at Popeyes drive-thru window, seemingly getting her interview.


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People took to the video’s comment section to share their joy and amusement at what they saw.

One person wrote: “People like this always impress me. Go-getters. She may be there now, but I swear she’ll be successful with that mindset.”

“I love this! My response when people complain about wait times is ‘then you apply and help,’ and she actually did. YES! Be a solution!” another added.

A third wrote: “This is goooollllldddd. I hope to god she becomes store manager and district one day. This would be the funniest start.”

Fortunately, nothing the hungry customer did was in vain.

According to @thoroughbred_84, her partner got the job and “free food” from the people at the drive-thru.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker shows her partner celebrating the new job as she walks out of the Popeye’s building into the car.

Speaking to the camera, she says: “Yes, I got the job. I start Monday 8 o’clock. Woo, woo!”

Indy100 reached out to @thoroughbred_84 via TikTok comment.

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