Woman finds notes her dad made about her behaviour as a teenager

Woman finds notes her dad made about her behaviour as a teenager
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A woman on TikTok has gone viral after finding her dad’s notes about her behaviour when she was a teenager.

The woman, who goes by the name Ally, posted a clip of the notes her dad made explaining: “I literally used to get in so much trouble.. my crazy years were 12-19.”

In the video, Ally filmed herself in front of a green screen which displayed an image of the notes her dad made on his iPad’s Notes app behind her.

Her dad appeared to have written the notes in March 2011 when Ally says she was in middle school.

In one section, he wrote: “Mom and I feel like we don’t know you, and don’t know what is going on in your life.

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“What is preventing you from talking to us, and sharing your feelings, fears, successes, looking for guidance, etc.”


#greenscreen I literally used to get in so much trouble.. my crazy years were 12-19 #parents #hoodratthings

Ally’s father separated out things he was proud of his daughter for and things that made him “VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!”

Some of the points on the “disappointed” list, such as the “Facebook incident”, have particularly intrigued people.

One point listed under “punishment” said Ally “must apologize to Julia & Haley” and also piqued people’s curiosity about what had happened.

In the comments on the clip, one person wrote: “bet Julia & Haley had it coming tho.”

Someone else said: “We need to know what the Facebook incident was.”

When all the jokes were put aside, people admitted that he was clearly a caring dad who was just concerned for his daughter.

One person commented: “This is a caring parent, even if the execution was harsh.”

Someone else said: “A dad that cares. Some of us don’t know what that feels like. Cherish him.”

Another asked: “Is he a Capricorn or other earth sign??”

In another video, Ally completely agreed with everyone’s positive comments about her dad being a caring parent.


Reply to @ernymkraken0 woah woah

She said: “My dad is quite literally the best dad in the entire world. I was a delinquent child, so that talk was necessary.”

Meanwhile, other parents have caused fierce debates elsewhere on social media. A dad previously sparked controversy after saying he was going to allow his son to swear, regardless of his age. Elsewhere a mother caused a debate after feeding her six-month-old baby a "bloody" steak.

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