Daily Mail readers loved that viral Christmas advert - until they realised it was about Polish immigration

One of this year’s most popular Christmas adverts is from the Polish auction website Allegro.

In the advert, a Polish man called Robert learns English, before going to visit his family in England at the very end of the video and meeting his grandchild for the first time.

You can watch it here:

The internet loves it – apart from a few Daily Mail readers, of course.

Immigration has been a particularly sensitive topic this year, with that little referendum where we decided to leave the EU.

Hate crime in the UK soared after the vote; and there were more attacks towards Polish people than all other nationalities combined, according to data from the London embassies of all EU member states.

Nevertheless, some people would never miss an opportunity to slam Polish immigrants in the UK based on absolutely no actual knowledge of what the latter contribute to the UK economy.

We assume these commenters were on their days off and not wasting time at work, lest "lazy immigrants" come in and "steal their jobs":

Didn't read the article. Is he trying to get the child to send him UK benefits?


If that poor grandfather would only know that he is absolutely not welcomed in here. If open-hearted Poles watching this add back home would only know how much English hate and disdain Poles on daily basis...

-Jas Fasola

What about the British people suffering because they cannot afford to pay for Christmas because poles are taking our jobs!

- Robin Crime Fighter

Go home Polish people. You don't need this abuse. You're clearly hated in U.K. There's a decent life back there, why are you doing this to yourself?


And his next sentence would be 'where do I claim my benefits?'


And saving the best until last:


- Robin Crime Fighter

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