<p>TikToker Zach really likes to eat, according to his daughter</p>

TikToker Zach really likes to eat, according to his daughter


It’s fascinating for any parent to look at their children’s school work, but when one little girl was tasked with answering questions about her dad, she left him in hysterics.

Understandably, the four-year-old didn’t know everything about her father’s life, but at least she gave each response her best shot.

Her proud pop, Zach, shared the adorable Q&A on TikTok, to the delight of fellow users of the platform.

In the clip he explained: "All right so they did this ‘all about my dad’ thing at my daughter’s pre-school.”

Filming the assignment sheet, viewers could see that the first question asked: “How old is your dad?” to which four-year-old Nora replied: “Six”.

Asked what he “does for work,” she responded: “I don’t know but he eats.”

This became a recurring theme, since when she was asked: "What does your dad like to do?," she answered honestly: "He likes to eat dinner."

Still, she acknowledged that her father was interested in more than just food, stating that his favourite colour was “purple”, he’s “really good at soccer,” and that “love makes him happy.”

The video racked up more than 140,000 views in four days as scores of fellow TikTokers and parents shared their own, similar anecdotes.

One wrote: “My third grade niece’s class made mother’s day cards that were fill-in-the-blank style. [She] said her mom (my sis) is helpful like a vacuum.”

Another said: “One of the questions on my son’s fill-in-the-blank was ‘I love my mom…’. He put ‘more than the cat.’”

And a third added: “My son’s said ‘what is your mom good at’, and he put Super Mario Kart.

“I’ve never been more proud.”

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