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People are debating whether Trader Joe's is expensive or not - and it's tearing Twitter apart.

A TikTok user's video shows a woman recounting a discussion she had at work about how affordable Trader Joe’s is versus other supermarkets.

As of writing, the video has about 400,000 views and thousands of comments.

In the video, user @katarinakitt says while talking with new hires at her job about where they like to eat and shop, one woman said Trader Joe’s was her supermarket of choice.

“I was like, ‘oh, I like Trader Joes, you know, if you have the money for it, haha,’ thinking like, Trader Joe’s is expensive compared to Shoprite and all those other stores,” the TikTok user says.

She added, “I was like, but you know what, it’s worth it because they’re fair trade and all these other reasons, whatever.”


This is a hill I will die on. #traderjoes #workinginnyc #broke #9to5

She then says that her manager overheard what she’d said, and was confused by the idea that she found Trader Joe’s to be expensive.

“Where I’m from, me and my family, we don’t shop at Trader Joe’s because it’s expensive to us,” she explains. “Am I wrong? Trader Joe’s, it’s an expensive supermarket. I guess I’m fuckin’ broke, I don’t know.”

People in the comments shared their thoughts.

“Nope sis I’m on long island too and it’s definitely more expensive than the Shoprite across the street,” one wrote.

“It depends on items,” another person wrote. “Meats and pre-made stuff is more but produce is cheaper usually.”

“Trader Joe’s is EXPENSIVE for a full grocery shopping but great for a few unique treats and snacks.”

Others said that it’s one of the most affordable grocery options for them.

Someone said, "One time my ex bf made fun of me for shopping at trader joes in front of a group of people and was 'embarrassed to be dating a girl who is that cheap'."

“Lol TJ’s is literally the most affordable grocery store in NYC,” one commenter wrote.

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