Delivery driver drops food off at wrong house then tells customer to fetch it himself

A DoorDash customer has shared how the delivery driver dropped his food at the wrong address, and instead of taking the order to correct location, they told the customer to go and find the food themself.

TikTok user Wyatt Vinson (@what_if_wyatt) had placed an order at the nearest McDonald's on the app but it was far from a simple drop off. "Y'all I'm so f***ing angry, I'm so furious I don't anyone understands," Vinson begins the video by saying.

It all began when Vinson noticed the driver had picked up his order and was on their way to drop it off, when a notification popped up from the driver asking if he could come outside to collect the food.

"...and this is where that conversation starts," as the TikToker explained as he began to read through the messages he received from the driver.

He replied to the driver: "Yeah one sec," but said to viewers he wasn't dressed so quickly had to throw some clothes on and then ran downstairs, though couldn't spot the driver went he got to the meeting point.

"Where are you?" Vinson messaged the driver.

To which they replied: "It’s outside the main door, didn’t know you lived on the Main Street I had to hop out and drop it off cars were behind me."

"Wym [What do you mean] drop it off," a confused Vinson wrote and told viewers: "I live in an apartment complex so I was like 'what do you mean drop it off at the door?"

Last time I use #doordash fr I’m so done. Second time in a 3 day span I didn’t get my food. IM HUNGRY BRO #rant #storytime #part2


Last time I use #doordash fr I’m so done. Second time in a 3 day span I didn’t get my food. IM HUNGRY BRO #rant #storytime #part2

Last time I use #doordash fr I’m so done. Second time in a 3 day span I didn’t get my food. IM HUNGRY BRO #rant #storytime #part2

There is then a back and forth between the two of them where the driver said that they had dropped the food off at number 1313, but clearly some wires have been crossed as Vinson lives in an apartment complex with the number 1321.

Despite making the mistake, the driver then messaged the TikToker: "U can't walk down to get ur order?"

Vinson claimed that he chose the "hand to customer" option on his order and "gave very detailed instructions about the parking lot behind the building, where the building is, what the building looks like."

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Due to this, the TikToker was having none of it and told the driver to follow the instructions given to them.

However, this didn't go down too well with the driver who answered: "I didn't disrespect you so [don't] disrespect me."

The pair go back and forth once more arguing over who in this situation is being disrespectful, and the driver then wrote: "U live on a busy road. I couldn’t just sit there and wait for you, if you put hand it to me than us doordash drivers expect customers to be outside the building so this wouldn’t happen.”

Vinson then replied noting that he included in the description that there was a parking lot.

After this, the heated exchange continued on, resulting in the driver tells the TikToker not to text them anymore. In a follow-up TikTok, Vinson revealed that he reported the driver.

Since sharing his disastrous delivery experience, Vinson's video has received 560,000 views, along with over 2,000 comments from people expressing their thoughts on the texting saga.

One person wrote: "The fact she can text back soo quick, but not wait for you to come outside."

“You can’t walk down to get ur order?” Sounds a bit rude to me ESP [especially] when it’s her job to deliver food to peoples DOORS," another person said.

Someone else added: "Now I’m being blamed for order misplaced” YA??? U LITERALLY LEFT IT AT THE WRONG BUILDING??"

"This gave me second hand anger," a fourth person replied.

indy100 has contacted DoorDash for comment.

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