Delivery driver throws Hello Fresh package and delivery note over fence without ...

A delivery driver, allegedly from the US sandwich fast-food chain Jimmy Johns, has been accused of leaving a customer's order on their driveway without even bothering to get out of their car.

The customer, who is known as Meg Moreal on TikTok, shared footage from her Ring security camera which shows the car back up onto the driveway before opening the driver's door, tossing the sandwich on the ground and then driving off.

In the first, clip which at the time of writing has been viewed more than 900,000 times Meg wrote: "This is how my sub was delivered! Jimmy John's store delivery person..."

In a second clip, that clearly shows the back of the car on the driveway, Meg wrote: "My Jimmy John’s delivery!!! Turkey sub w a side of salmonella!!"

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My Jimmy John’s delivery!!! Turkey sub w a side of salmonella!! #jimmyjohns#jimmyjohnssandwhich

Viewers were quick to comment on the video and asked if Meg had done anything to provoke such a reaction. Some asked if she had left a good enough tip to the driver. One person said: "No matter what the tip that was not right that should’ve never been done."

Another wrote: "Why does it matter if there was any tip at all. Food should be delivered at the door, with the doorbell rung, not thrown on the ground in the road."

After being quizzed on the issue, Meg shared another video which clearly showed that she had tipped the driver $2.18. The meal cost $10.89 so the tip worked out as 20 per cent of the overall total.


Reply to @you_know.m_sayin

However, some people felt that this tip was far too low for the driver which may have prompted his rather rude delivery method.

One person wrote: "There's your answer. that 'tip' is disrespectful."

Another person speculated: "Probably cost $5 in gas to get there."

A third wrote: "You are asking them to drive to your house so $2.18 is a little insulting considering gas prices now."

Some people did defend her though as she, after all did tip 20 per cent. One person said: "That’s a 20 per cent tip! the tips base off the total of the ticket. now if it was a $20 sandwich order then $2 wouldn’t be okay."

A second added: "WoW, you even gave them a 20% tip and they couldn’t be bothered to walk to the front door."

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