<p>TikToker Suzie, revealed the handwritten note on the weight loss card she found in her food order.</p>

TikToker Suzie, revealed the handwritten note on the weight loss card she found in her food order.


A woman was shocked when she discovered that a delivery driver slipped a weight loss card in with her food order.

The woman, named Suzie decided to share the discovery on TikTok and it’s not exactly something you would expect to receive with your delivery.

Suzie made the order through American food delivery company, Doordash.

In the viral video, Suzie said: “My Doordash person put this in my McDonald’s bag...thanks, I guess.”

The unknown driver offered their services as a nutrition expert for people looking to lose weight by slipping in their card into Suzie’s bag.

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Suzie then removed a chip that covered the driver’s details and flipped the weight loss card over to reveal a handwritten note that said: “Lose weight, ask me how!”

The video has since received over 33,000 views, 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments with people who are divided on whether they believe the gesture to be offensive.

Some were outraged by the delivery driver’s actions.

One person wrote: “I would report them for that.”

“Doesn’t that count as tampering with the food 💀. You’re not supposed to open the bag...” another person replied.

A third person said: “This would make me relapse into my eating disorder. Wtf!!”

Though others didn’t see the harm in them in the delivery driver offering their services.

“People on their hustle flow...some people are so sensitive on everything...I’m sure she’s just trying to sell her products,” one person commented.

Some else wrote: “I think this person was just trying to give you their business card. No harm, people are out of work rn.”

“Girl, he probably saw your order and was concerned. Take his advice. This sh*t is embarrassing,” another person said.

We don’t think this sort of marketing will catch on, to be honest.

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