A 'cool a** Christmas present': DoorDash driver reveals 'the weirdest' tip he received on the job

A 'cool a** Christmas present': DoorDash driver reveals 'the weirdest' tip he received on the job

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One DoorDash delivery driver has told of how he felt like he was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he received “the weirdest” tip ever from a customer.

TikTok user Luis Navarro shared the story on the video platform earlier this week, revealing he had an order to collect food from DoorDash for $13 for a two-mile journey.

After pulling up at the customer’s house, he was told by them that they had something for him in exchange - in addition to the standard delivery fee, of course.

“He starts reaching in his pocket, and I’m like, ‘damn, I’m about to get shot or something, I should walk away from this situation. But no, he pulls out this little card-looking thing, and I’m just like, ‘what the f*** is this?’”

It turns out the tip wasn’t a gift card as he first thought, but actual gold.

Luis continued: “Immediately my heart starts racing. I’m like, ‘no f***ing way, dude’.

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“I was freaking out, bro. It was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory running to my car. You know how he’s running in the movie? That’s how I was running to my car.”


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Showing the card containing a small piece of gold to the camera, he revealed it was “a third gram of gold” and described it as a “cool a** Christmas present”.

Gold prices currently list a single gram as being around $58.70, meaning Luis’ third of a gram of gold could be valued at $20.

Commenters were taken aback by the unusual tip, with many admitting they “thought it was a SIM card at first” and others saying he should “keep it”.

Quite literally a golden opportunity, there.

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