Video of deputy barking like a dog to get teens to surrender goes viral

Video of deputy barking like a dog to get teens to surrender goes viral

Video of deputy barking like a dog to get teens to surrender goes viral

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

Body cam footage of a Washington State police officer has gone viral after he took an unconventional method to try and get a group of teenage suspects to surrender.

The teenagers were suspected of stealing a car and had been chased on foot by authorities into the forest, after stop sticks had been used to deflate the car's tyres. So one deputy decided to try an unusual tactic in an effort to get the teenagers to surrender themselves.

"Don't make us realease our K-9s," the officer can be heard shouting, before imitating the bark of a dog. The officer also yells "better stop", before continuing to bark, whilst his colleague reads a description of the suspects in the background.

The teenagers eventually surrendered and walked out from the forest towards deputies before being placed under arrest. They told deputies they actually believed there was a dog and gave up as soon as they heard the barking.

In a video posted to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department's Facebook, Sgt. Darren Moss Jr. said, "the kids actually believed there was a dog, and, in the end, they told the deputies, 'Man, soon as I heard that dog, I gave up.'"

However, whilst it may have been believable to the four teenagers, people watching the clip had other opinions.

In the comment section of a TikTok showing the body cam footage, people were shocked the teenagers fell for the deputy's trick:

"It wasn't even believable," wrote one user.

Another wrote: "I'm crying real tears rn please how did they believe this."

"Imagine having to go to court and watch this back infant of everyone, I'd plead guilty asap," said one user.

Users also compared the bark to the likes of Scooby Doo and Brian from Family Guy.

No details about the suspects' identities or the charges they may face have been revealed.

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