Dietician shares photo of her daughter’s lunch after being ‘shamed’ by other parents

Kate Save

Imagine a 24/7 career where sometimes it feels like the whole world is scrutinising you.

Quit moaning, Donald Trump.

Some people get criticised just for failing to provide Instagram-ready daily lunches for their kids.

How many people can realistically provide this every day?

Australian mum-of-two, clinical dietician and co-founder of BE Fit Food Kate Save is sometimes shamed at the school gates for the lunches she packs for her children.

She is not alone.

A survey found that almost one in five of Aussie parents said that either a teacher or fellow parent had made them feel guilty about the food they packed for their child.

Her children - Chloe, aged 5, and Mia, aged 6 - are fussy kids.

Obviously, this limits the food she can give them.

Here is an example of one of her lunches:

Picture: Picture: Kate Save

If you're struggling to work out what's gotten parents so riled up, look to the sandwiches.

Still don't get it?

Save shed light on the issue, explaining to the Daily Mail Australiathat parents take offence at the plain butter or mayonnaise sandwiches she offers her fussy child.

The survey also found that one in ten are 'baffled' by conflicting dietary recommendations, which Save thinks is a big reason parents stress over lunch.

Save the Daily Mail Australia that it is all about balance - and that the occasional pre-packaged or processed food is nothing to feel guilty about.

She said:

If a child doesn't eat and they're a fussy eater, then you just need to makes sure they're getting something because their energy becomes the most important thing.

At the end of the day, it's not about individual meals or individual foods but it's about balance. 

She added:

Once people know you're a dietician, people will ask 'what does your kid have for lunch?'

I tell them I give them what they'll eat. 

To them it might have looked like I wasn't make an effort as a parent. 

And the pressure goes both ways.

Save wrote in a MamaMia article:

One of my daughters literally cried when making cupcakes at her kindergarten recently because she thought she was going to be forced to eat one.

I had staff and parents come up to me and question if she was allowed to have cake - of course she is!

It was so awkward trying to explain that she genuinely doesn't like sugary foods. 

She added:

It probably doesn't help that we see a great deal in the media about 'super mums' making their handmade granola and fresh-from-scratch yoghurt...

But the reality is, most of us just don't have the time!

Picture: Picture: Kate Save

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