Man ruins family dinner party by pointing out one of the guests used to bully him

Man ruins family dinner party by pointing out one of the guests used to bully him
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A man has revealed how he ruined a family dinner party after announcing that one of the other guests used to bully him in school.

The anonymous man posted about the awkward predicament on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole community, in a post captioned: “AITA [am I the a**hole] for ruining dinner by pointing out one of my dad’s guests used to bully me?”

In it, he explained that he was attending a dinner party held by his parents who were hosting some of his dad’s business associates.

One of the dinner party guests named Julian used to bully the man when they were in school together, he revealed in the post.

He continued, writing: “My parents both know that him and his friends used to bully me so I was upset that they would invite him to dinner without warning me beforehand.”

The man went on to explain he tried to ignore Julian throughout the meal but was forced to interact when he asked him if they knew each other – and that is when he made the awkward revelation.

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He wrote: “I tried not to speak to him and just ate quietly but then he directly asked me if we had met before because I looked familiar.

“I probably could’ve lied but seeing his stupid arrogant face again annoyed me so I reminded him that he and his friends used to bully me.

“At first, he denied it, but then I listed some of the things his friends did to me and he remembered.”

The announcement at the table visibly angered the man’s dad who was hosting everyone. The evening ended with his dad shouting at him once all the guests had left.

He wrote: “My dad was visibly angry by this point and I was upset too so I just excused myself because I didn’t want to make him angrier.

“Julian did try to apologise to me but I ignored him. After everybody left my dad yelled at me for causing a scene, embarrassing him and acting like a child.

“He wants me to go to lunch with Julian since apparently after I left he kept telling everybody how awful he felt for what he did as a child and he wanted to make it up to me.”

The man sought the opinion of other Reddit users on whether he was in the right to bring it up at the table.

One person wrote: “NTA [not the a**hole] your dad set you up and is mad that you didn't roll over like a good little victim.”

Another said: “NTA. Your dad is the asshole. I would be reducing contact with my dad after this.”

“Your father values his business associates more than his son. Nice. NTA. I’m proud of what you did. Your father should be too,” said another reader.

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