Optical illusion sees man appear from nowhere during Disneyland Avengers TikTok

Optical illusion sees man appear from nowhere during Disneyland Avengers TikTok
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An optical illusion has left viewers stunned as a man seems to appear from nowhere in a clip captured at a theme park.

They say that theme parks are a magical experience, but the video has suggested that’s quite literally the case as a man seems to emerge from in front of a Marvel character.

In the clip captured at the Avengers Campus theme park in California, the woman dressed as the Marvel fictional character Scarlet Witch is holding hands with a young girl dressed as the same character.

As the person filming follows the pair from behind, a man wearing a red t-shirt suddenly appears in front of them, seemingly emerging from nowhere.

The video has been posted across social media sparking mass confusion and different theories.

On Twitter, the video has been viewed 14.4 million times and was captioned: “ok but where did the guy in the red shirt at the end come from.”

“I just watched this so many times and I can't figure it out. Wtf?!!!,” one person commented.

Someone else said: “Nah this is wild.”

It was a similar story on Instagram, where the video has also been reposted and gone viral.

One person suggested: “He came through a portal in the multiverse.”

“Wait what. I looked for his shadow and everything, man’s just appeared literally…,” another said.

Someone else said: “Umm..we need answers. Where's the time machine?”

The mystery was eventually solved thanks to a longer version of the video that was posted on TikTok.

It shows the man approaching from the side, before walking backwards and being directly blocked from the camera’s vision by Scarlet Witch, before going off to the side again.


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Someone commented: “FINALLY WE HAVE ANSWERS.”

Another said: “so he was perfectly in front the whole time.”

“OMG! conspiracy: solved,” said someone else.

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