Doctor claims if you can't do this position, you could die in six years

Doctor claims if you can't do this position, you could die in six years
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A so-called health test that was featured on The Today Show, has since gone viral across TikTok for its wild claims.

Earlier this month, NBC News medical contributor Dr Natalie Azar suggested that the test is an "indirect marker of your health" – and can even predict how long you'll live.

Known as the "sit-to-stand test," the move is seemingly simple – though many TikTokers beg to differ.

You start the test by standing, before sitting down crosslegged and attempting to stand up again.

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A 2012 study claimed the test is a predictor of mortality for people between the age of 51 and 80. "The study found that the lower the score, you were seven times more likely to die in the next six years," Dr Azar said.

But of course, the test should be taken with a pinch of salt as it's not necessarily legitimate.

Azar stressed: "As we get older, we spend time talking about cardiovascular health and aerobic fitness, but balance, flexibility and agility are also really important."


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The segment was soon shared on TikTok, where many users gave the test a go for themselves – and failed miserably.

One clip was soon inundated with thousands of comments from fellow TikTokers in hysterics with one joking: "I can't even get down gracefully, so does that cut me down to three years?"

"I did it," another joked, before adding: "But I think it took six off my life to do it."

A third person also attempted the test, disclaiming "it wasn't pretty."

Meanwhile, one TikToker joked: "They say anything on these morning shows."

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