Viral rumours claiming McDonald's ice cream contains xylitol debunked

Viral rumours claiming McDonald's ice cream contains xylitol debunked
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Facebook is filled with all sorts of rumours – and they don't often come from a reliable source. But one speculation left pet owners concerned after allegations that McDonald's ice cream contains xylitol, a sugar that is toxic to dogs.

McDonald's has since confirmed to indy100 that their ice cream products do not contain xylitol – it's simply a case of social media speculation.

Xylitol is a form of sweetener often found in food and consumer goods. According to the ASPCA, consumption can be dangerous for dogs, as it has been said to cause low blood sugar and liver injury. However, it does not cause serious problems in cats.

Symptoms of low blood sugar can include shaking, weakness, and seizures if left untreated in more severe cases. Low blood sugar can occur as soon as 30 minutes after ingestion, but it can take up to 12 hours for symptoms to appear.

Liver injury may present itself as lethargy, a decrease in appetite, yellowing of the skin along with vomiting and diarrhoea. These may not develop until two or three days after consumption.

The since debunked rumours started circulating earlier this month – and soon became viral talking points across social media.

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One pet grooming service suggested: "I am waiting for a reply from McDonald’s to confirm…

"Pet warning!

"It is being posted that McDonald’s has added Xylitol to their ice cream…. Xylitol is deadly to dogs! Please use caution until it is confirmed or denied….(sic)."

While another user's post read: “Just so everyone knows. Mcdonald's ice cream has xylitol sugar in it. Don’t feed any of their ice cream to your pets. Xylitol sugar is toxic to dogs and will kill them in an hour Please… (sic).”

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