Hundreds of people who 'identify as dogs' met up in public to bark at each other

Hundreds of people who 'identify as dogs' met up in public to bark at each other
Hundreds of people who identify as dogs bark at each other in …

Hundreds of people who identify as dogs have met up in Berlin city centre but not all is as it seems.

The group communicated by barking and howling at each other.

Around 1,000 trans-species activists met up at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz railway station in the German capital.

The group said they do not identify as human beings and instead wish to be recognised as pooches.

One local said: “Just abandon them in the Siberian tundra and let them survive with their canine instincts.”

Wilson commented: “I don't see anyone smelling the tail of others.”

Jose wrote: “Can you imagine when they all have to defecate?”

Eduardo remarked: “Call animal control and give them their rabies doses.”

Ivan said: “But if they identify as dogs, why do they put on masks?”

However, a community note on the now viral post suggested that it was something altogether different.

The note wrote: "This gathering occurred during Folsom Europe, which is a gathering of gay men who are into various fetishes. This particular fetish is called pup play, and these individuals, mostly young, are cosplaying. Most do not believe they are dogs but are wearing a fetish costume."

The note also provides a link to SDLGBTN which offers an explainer on pup play.

In 2019, British man Tom Peters hit the headlines when he identified as a Dalmatian.

Trans-species people do not feel or identify as human beings, but instead as specific animals or mythological beings.

The most common creatures are dogs, cats, horses, birds, unicorns, dragons, elves, and even angels.

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