<p>Harvey digging on the beach </p>

Harvey digging on the beach


Most dogs are cuddly types, but this adorable Shar Pei looks even softer than most with unique skin that sometimes looks like a bundle of blankets.

Teresa Moll Arguimenbau, 22, shares cute snaps of the dog Harvey on her Instagram page, and says his wrinkles, which crease and fold when he sits in certain positions, are one of her favourites parts of him.

Talking about her dog, who is six months old, she said: “I am completely crazy about his wrinkles and his skin. It is very soft, and the wrinkles are very beautiful.

“In fact, one of the things I like most about Harvey is his wrinkles and giant double chin.”

Shar Peis have distinctive wrinkles all over their body, and breeders sometimes concentrate on getting more and more, to emphasise the characteristic.

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But the wrinkles can make them prone to skin infections, and owners like Teresa have to apply moisturiser to their pooch’s skin.

Harvey was one of a litter of three, with his two siblings named Dona and Louis. They all needed help to open their eyes under the weight of their face wrinkles. Dona and Louis responded better than Harvey, who still has sight issues in one eye.

As well as Teresa, Harvey lives with his mother Chloe, who helps with looking after him.

Teresa, from Menorca, Spain, said about looking after him: “When he drinks water, he has all the water between his wrinkles and Chloe has to go and lick the water that falls from between the wrinkles.”

Posting her life with Harvey has made it easier for Teresa to learn and share tips about looking after Shar Peis.

As he for Harvey, he’s just happy lolling about in the sun and playing on the beach.

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