Viral video of a dog urinating in a Trader Joe's store sparks intense debate

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A dog urinating in the middle of the grocery aisle isn't exactly ideal for customers or hygienic.

That's why a clip from inside a Trader Joe's store of a customer's dog doing just that has sparked a debate on bringing dogs inside stores.

The TikToker who goes by "Mole Man" (@special_head) posted footage as he walked around the grocery store and spotted a dog whose lead was tied onto the top of a shopping trolley, along with a not-so-pleasant puddle of the pup's urine.

The puddle was quickly spotted by an employee who shouted: "Is this anybody's dog" as she pointed to the trolley the dog was tied to.

A moment later a woman came down the aisle and claimed it was her dog, to which the employee then informed her, “Your dog just peed on the floor ma’am.” The woman replied: “I know, I know.”

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After this, the employee explained: “And just so you know, dogs are not allowed in here.”

The woman then pulled her dog closer to her, but that is where the video ended so it is unclear whether she cleaned up the pee on the floor herself.

The TikToker then implies in the video caption that the woman didn't move to clean it because "She wanted the Employee to clean it."

She wanted the Employee to clean it #traderjoesmusthaves #fypシ #dogsofttiktok #dogfails #baddog


She wanted the Employee to clean it #traderjoesmusthaves #fypシ #dogsofttiktok #dogfails #baddog

She wanted the Employee to clean it #traderjoesmusthaves #fypシ #dogsofttiktok #dogfails #baddog

Since the pee-cident, the video has received 1.2m views, and nearly 35,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people debating on this particular scenario.

Some felt that the woman had every right to bring her dog along on a grocery trip.

One person wrote: "Dogs should be allowed everywhere she just sounds hateful.

"Y’all be the same ones crying if she left it in the car," another person said.

Meanwhile many criticised the woman for bringing her dog to Trader Joe's in the first place.

One person wrote: "Shout out to the employee for calling this out. This is the reason why it’s service dogs only. Service dogs are trained to hold their bladder."

"Very bizarre to me that people think they can bring dogs anywhere now. Ten years ago would just assume no pets allowed," another person said.

Someone else replied: "Unless you’re bringing your dog to Petsmart leave them at home! It makes no sense when people bring them to Lowe’s, how the hell are you shopping!!"

"Idk I just feel like there are certain things you do without a pet and grocery shopping is one of them," a fourth person added.

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