Domino's delivery driver leaves people stunned at how much she makes in tips

Domino's delivery driver leaves people stunned at how much she makes in tips
Dominos Pizza delivery driver tries a wheelie, does not end well

A Domino's Pizza worker has lifted the lid on how much she makes in tips on an average night, leaving some viewers stunned.

In a viral clip on TikTok, Allison (@allison_green0) shared an insight into a shift at the popular fast food chain.

On 13 December, Allison said she accepted 11 pizza deliveries throughout the night. She candidly shared she received $13 in cash tips and $42.29 in credit card tips, averaging $5.03 a tip per delivery.

Her first customer told her to keep the change from a $50 order, meaning she received a $3.83 tip.

Allison's second order of the night, however, did not tip at all – despite them spending $36 on pizza.

The largest sum she received during her shift was a little over $10.

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The video has since racked up over 750,000 viewers along with thousands of comments praising her positive attitude towards the lack of tips.

One furious TikTok user wrote: "If I can’t tip the bill or so very close to it, then I’m not going out to eat or ordering in. TIP YOUR DELIVERY DRIVERS AND SERVERS!!!!!!"

Another added: "You are so positive, even with the none tipping customers. Great attitude, you’ll go far with that. I love it."

"2/11 gave no tips? I feel like those customers should be tracked. After 5 no tip orders they get banned lol," a third fellow TikToker penned.

Meanwhile, one fellow TikToker added: "I don't get delivery often but always tip. It's a good reminder to tip (for me) and tip well. If I don't have money to tip, I don't get delivery!"

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