New York attorney general sues Donald Trump for fraud

Nick Adams, a conservative political commentator and author, had a hot take about former President Donald Trump and Jesus that led to an abundance of mockery online.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Adams wrote "with the sole exception of Jesus Christ Himself, no man has been more unfairly persecuted than Donald J. Trump."

His statement came just hours after New York District Attorney Letita James announced her civil lawsuit against Trump, his three children, and the Trump Organization.

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On top of the civil case alleging Trump committed business fraud, he is facing a criminal investigation into his business finances via the Manhattan District Attorney.

These are just two of the many investigations and / or lawsuits Trump and his associates have faced over the last three decades.

According to Adams, he believes many of these are unfair.

One USA Today article from 2016, estimated Trump had been involved in at least 3,500 lawsuits. Since then more have piled up surrounding the January 6th attack of the Capitol, 2020 election fraud claims, defamation, and more.

Adams tweet sparked debate on Twitter with many people mocking the author.

Adams followed-up his tweet later in the day with several other tweets showing support for the former president.

"What the Democrats are doing to President Trump makes the Salem Witch Trials look tame in comparison," Adams wrote.

"President Trump has never been wrong. I challenge any leftist who disagrees to point to a concrete example of Donald Trump being wrong about ANYTHING," he tweeted.

Some people responded to Adams' tweets with examples of other people unfairly persecuted, both genuinely and jokingly.

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