A 'Donald Trump' restaurant has popped up in Syria


A restaurant named after Donald Trump isn't too surprising a sight. He has loads of them - on his golf courses, towers and hotels. But an off-brand restaurant he hasn't named himself, that would be a novelty.

A small eatery, named after the property tycoon and current President has opened in the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani Syria is of course a country that was included in Trump’s failed refugee ban earlier this year.

It's also the country that recently had 59 US Tomahawk missiles blasted at it. The Trump authorised airstrike was targeting an airfield where it’s said the alleged chemical weapon attack was launched from earlier this week.

The restaurant opened up near the northern border of Syria and Turkey and offers falafel sandwiches.

The owner of Trump restaurant, Waleed Shekhi, told Kurdistan24:

Keeping peace with the current situation in Syria and the US, I decided to name my restaurant after the new US president.

I am hopeful I will make a profit from this small eatery because my wife and I serve delicious sandwiches, and moreover the name is attractive.

Shekhi hopes the restaurant will provide enough money to feed his family.

All my family members are working in the restaurant because I cannot afford employee wages. Unfortunately I had to drop my children out of school and bring them here to help me.

Shekhi said he wanted to express gratitude to the US for supporting them in the fight against IS.

Here's a video showing his family at work in Trump cafe:

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