Donald Trump's CNN wrestle video originated from this Reddit user - with a very dubious post history

left: @realDonaldTrump/Twitter screenshot, right @TomEmburyD/Twitter screenshot

On Sunday, the President of United States shared a video of himself punching someone in the face.

His victim’s face had the CNN logo over it.

The clip was doctored footage of a professional wrestling match (therefore fake) he cameo'd in.

The President or someone on his team, Tweeted the video, which had originally been posted on reddit by user curiously named 'HansAssholeSolo'.

Picture: @TomEmburyD/Twitter screenshot

As per usual, the President called the organisation ‘Fake News’, while using a clip from a mock fight he'd had at Wrestlemania, which can be seen here.

Trump is also in a feud-of-sorts with the hosts of the MSNBC show, Morning Joe, whom he recently called ‘Crazy’ and 'Psycho' respectively.

As the Independent’s Tom Embury-Dennis pointed out, HansAssholSolo, presumably the source for Trump's video, has some extremely questionable posts.

Taking this hot lead, indy100 decided to delve further into the wise posts put up by HansAssholeSolo.

As well as ‘Starbucks coffee tests positive for fecal [sic] bacteria…could it be….MUSLIIM IMMIGRANT HIRES?’, there was this lovely one about the Obama Administration:

Picture: reddit/r/The_Donald

As well as memes designed to offend and provoke anger from opponents of President Trump, the same redditor has also shared what you might call ‘Fake News’.

That is to say, lies.

Such as this meme which suggested that a map of Democratic support in the US was a graphic match with a map of crime in the USA.

Picture: reddit/r/The_Donald

A similar map was debunked by the Washington Post in February.

The one used by HansAssholeSolo was created from Census data from 2009, and actually shows the murder rate in US cities and not the crime rate.

You can see where the top of the map has been cut off to change this to ‘crime rate’ by comparing it to the original on the Independent Journal Review.

Cities often have more crime than rural areas, and more homicides because there are more people concentrated in them.

A map which showed where major US cities are would also correlate to where Democratic support is, as the party‘s support is often concentrated in cities, and less so in rural areas.

So not only is the President using this redditor’s work without citation - he hasn't checked if the redditor is a peddler of fake news.

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