Here are all the major news agencies Donald Trump has called 'fake news'

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It seems Donald Trump’s reaction to anything he doesn’t like is ‘fake news’.

Many argue that fake news helped get Trump into the White House – and now he’s using the two words as a political weapon against any news he doesn’t like.

Here are the news publications, so far, that he’s branded ‘fake news’.

New York Times

Trump has called one of the world’s most reputable news organisations ‘fake news,’ apparently for saying he would lose the election.

Trump may be unaware how journalism works – but this would not have been said in a news capacity unless backed up by reliable data; and speculation over polls is put across as such.

If any commentary said Trump was going to lose the election, then this is clearly sold as opinion, and therefore, not 'fake'.

He’s also relentlessly called the newspaper ‘failing,’ when it actually gained tens of thousands of subscribers during the 2016 presidential election.

Washington Post

On Saturday Trump reiterated his claims regarding the New York Times, and also accused the Washington Post of "fake reporting".


Trump called CNN fake news the day after the broadcaster reported that then President-elect Trump and then President Obama had been given an intelligence briefing on allegations that Russia had compromising information on him.

This was not the first time Trump had called CNN ‘fake news’:


Following the publication of the document to which CNN had referred, Trump called Buzzfeed:

A failing pile of garbage and they're going to suffer the consequences.

He later cited a 'news website' run by his former campaign surrogate Laura Ingraham, and labelled the Buzzfeed story with the hashtag 'FAKENEWS'


Trump called NBC ‘fake news’ after they apparently ‘went out of their way,’ ie reported, that he had nothing to do with the decision of Ford and other big businesses to create more jobs in the US.

So far.

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