Hilarious moment stray dog steals lunchbox from delivery rider in Brazil

A delivery driver experienced an eventful day at work, after a customer locked him in after 'refusing to hand over a parcel'.

TikTok user @ryansm6 shared the viral clip to the platform, racking up 2.1 million views in the process.

The pair are heard having a heated back-and-forth, with the driver saying: "Trust me, you will never see this phone." The woman then shows what appears to be a receipt and a passport in her hand, responding: "I'm going to never see this phone now?"

Despite the lack of context, he tells the customer he's going to report her before pulling up a wheelie bin to climb over the hefty metal gates.


She spots the parcel in his pocket and attempts to grab it, as he tells her: "Get the f**k away from here."

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"When DPD won't give you your parcel, so you lock them in," the TikToker penned as the caption, which stirred up a debate in the comments as to who was in the wrong.


"You’ve just committed a crime," a second wrote, "Not him."

Meanwhile, others remarked on the lack of context, "Something's suspicious here," while another reiterated: "Why was he escaping? There's definitely more to this".


Of course, people flooded the video with theories of their own. One TikToker theorised, "I’m betting you never answered the door, so he marked it down as not delivered. Once in the system, he can’t undo it."

One TikToker suggested: "If the ID doesn't match the address, they can 100% refuse delivery."

A third claimed, "If the customer doesn’t have the correct details or wrong name, they take it back to the depot for security," although the TikToker did reply, "She had a passport."

DPD told Indy100: "Our drivers are instructed to deliver items such as phones, only if they are sure of the identity of the individual they are delivering to.

"If they have any doubts about any aspect of the delivery, they will return the item to our depot and await further instructions before reattempting delivery, protecting our customers' products, our drivers and our reputation for great service."

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