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Whenever you are at a wedding and it gets to the part where someone is asked if they object to the couple getting married, there is always that nervous silence.

Will someone actuallysay that they don't approve or will someone make a daft joke in an attempt to make everyone laugh?

The last thing that a couple would expect to see at this moment is a drag queen making their way down the aisle to disrupt the ceremony while singing a 1960s soul classic.

In footage captured by wedding guest Graham Cole, who was attending the joining in holy matrimony of Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville, we see Cherie Trieffel making a dramatic entrance while belting out 'It Should Have Been Me' from 1963.

Cherie, who is performed by drag artist Mark Swift, has the stunned crowed stitches, kissing one of the guests and even hitting one of the grooms with her handbag.

After Graham posted the video on his Facebook page on Saturday, it soon went viral and has more than 5 million views at the time of writing.

Fortunately, this wasn't some elaborate prank from one of the guests aiming to make the grooms wait anxiously, as both Peter and Peter organised it themselves.

Not everyone saw the funny side though. Speaking to Glasgow Live, Graham said:

The grooms organised it without telling anyone that it was happening.

Peter's M's mum Glenda actually thought it was real!

'It Should Have Been Me' was originally performed by Kim Weston but versions have also been released sung by Gladys Knight and The Pips, Yvonne Fair and Adeva.

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