A drug dealer in Brooklyn threw a whole bag of weed off of a rooftop – and set in motion a stampede on the street the street below as people scrambled to get free weed.

The 29-year-old man had arranged to meet with other people on the rooftop of a Sunset Park building at around 11:15 PM on June 1 to sell pot, police said.

The ‘buyers’ then pulled out a gun and attacked him, punching and kicking him and trying to steal his bag filled with roughly $20,000 worth of the green bud.

As a result, the dealer threw it off of the rooftop making it rain reefer on the sidewalk.

The dealer suffered bruises to his body and lacerations to his face and eventually was taken to a hospital by EMS. He ultimately was arrested for drug possession, after cops found found ketamine on him. He was released without bail.

According to the Daily News the robbers tried to flee the scene, but one of them, who was identified as Ricardo Diaz, 31, fell down a flight of stairs, and hurt his knee. He was arrested on the scene.

Diaz faces assault, attempted robbery, weapon possession, and a myriad of other charges, and was released without bail.

Cops are still on the hunt for Diaz’s accomplice, who jumped into a black BMW sedan and fled the scene on 46th Street .

Anyone who has information on this situation is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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