34 Dune: Part 2 memes that even the Bene Gessirit would find funny

34 Dune: Part 2 memes that even the Bene Gessirit would find funny
Dune: Part Two: A Remarkable Achievement
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The eagerly awaited sci-fi event of the year, Dune: Part Two is finally arriving in cinemas this week and inevitably will unleash a swarm of new Dune memes on the internet.

In case you had your head buried in the sands of Arrakis, the sequel to Denis Villeneuve's 2021 epic, based on the iconic books from Frank Herbert starring Timothee Chalamet, Austin Butler, Zendaya, Florence Pugh and many, many more, is already getting rave reviews with some fans calling it the 'best movie of all-time."

Now there is nothing the internet likes more than a good meme and when you combine that with a very complex sci-fi novel full of weird and wonderful phrases like the 'Kwisatz Haderach' and gigantic sand worms who produce a vital hallucinogen called 'spice' then you have a recipe for viral greatness.

Now that the second part of the movie is in theatres Dune fans have unleashed their best memes on the internet that would make even the Bene Gessirit proud and get the spice flowing.

Warning: These memes may contain spoilers for Dune: Part Two.

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