To say voters have a few concerns about the potential role the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will play in governing the UK is an understatement.

Following the general election, and the Tories’ failure to secure a majority, the DUP has been in talks over how they can form a "supply and confidence" support for a minority Tory government.

But the DUP has opposed same-sex marriage – and voters are understandably worried how the party’s anti-LGBT influence would affect nationwide policy.

In response, people have been posting rainbow flag emojis on the party’s Facebook page.

Because why not?!

Facebook user Conor McKay urged people to use a gay pride rainbow reaction to the DUP’s posts.

In a status on 10th June, the DUP received 7,000 rainbow emoji reactions. And comments like this:

Picture:Picture: Facebook

McKay told BuzzFeed:

The DUP are the most [Google-] searched political party right now and also they hold homophobic views, so I thought it would be good for anyone searching them to see loads and loads of rainbow flags, so they'll know that there's more love than hate in the world.

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