Elon Musk roasted by actor for 'defects' in Amber Heard's cosplay costume

Elon Musk roasted by actor for 'defects' in Amber Heard's cosplay costume
Elon Musk's brother, friends 'hated' Amber Heard: new book
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Lucy Pohl, the voice actor behind Overwatch 2’s character Mercy, has roundly mocked Elon Musk for the “defects” in the Mercy cosplay outfit he had Amber Heard wear.

Revealed in Walter Isaacson’s new biography on Musk, the tech billionaire made his then-girlfriend Heard cosplay as Mercy for him.

It is one of many revelations to come from the new biography, including his difficult relationship with his father, his child’s peculiar names and his relationships with his ex-wives.

One aspect of the biography is his love for the Overwatch character Mercy and of video games more generally. The X/Twitter owner even posted a picture of Heard in costume on the app.

But Pohl, who played the character in the game, responded by not only taking a swing at the costume but also at Musk’s electric car company, Tesla.

She said: “As the real Mercy I can see the manufacturing defects in this cosplay like it’s a Tesla.”

Tesla has gained an unwanted reputation for having quality control issues in recent years, and earlier in 2023 was forced to recall 1.1m cars in China over a braking defect.

Pohl even responded with a picture of her own Mercy costume – and hers was even customised to the “spooky” skin in the game.

Musk did not confirm why he chose Mercy, but he said: “[Heard] did dress up as Mercy. It was awesome.”

Heard and Musk reportedly dated for much of 2017, following the breakdown of Heard’s marriage with the actor Johnny Depp.

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