A parody conversation between Elon Musk and Bernie Sanders has gone viral for how realistic it looks.

The parody was posted online by YouTuber Justin T. Brown and shows Sanders and Musk in a room together recording a podcast while smoking marijuana.

Over the 3 minute and 44 second clip, the two men talk about “income inequality, greed, innovation, political revolution, tweets, taxes, and California VS. Vermont cannabis”.

Brown has managed to seamlessly dub vocals that sound like their real voices over the top of the images.

The lip sync is so well done you could almost believe it was a real conversation until you heard the bizarre content.

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In one part of the video which has gone viral on Twitter, politician Sanders discusses how wealth disparity in the US has grown.

Sanders said: “Over the last thirty years, the top 1% have seen a 21 trillion dollar increase in their wealth.

“The bottom half of America has seen a 900 billion dollar decline in their wealth.”

The richest man in the world, Musk, replied: “Hmm, that’s strange.”

Musk then went on a hilarious and nonsensical rant about tunnels, flamethrowers and an underground spaceship to help.

Further on in the clip, Sanders told Musk, “Pay your taxes. That’s what I want you to do”.

Musk, looking hesitant, replied: “Well… no. Definitely not.”

The clip has been viewed more than 14,500 times on YouTube and many more across Twitter and TikTok where it has been reposted.

Commenting on the YouTube clip, one person wrote: “Amazing work, had to keep reminding myself this didn’t actually happen.”

Another praised the creator, Brown, writing: “Masterful edit. Salutes!”

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