Elon Musk's Chinese 'lookalike' goes viral again after billionaire purchases Twitter

Elon Musk's Chinese 'lookalike' goes viral again after billionaire purchases Twitter
Elon Musk's Chinese 'lookalike' goes viral again after billionaire purchases Twitter

Elon Musk's Chinese "lookalike" went viral again after the Tesla and SpaceX CEO purchased Twitter for $44bn.

People took to Twitter to share videos of the unnamed man, who some consider the billionaire's doppelgänger.

One video shows him dressed in gray pants, a gray vest, a dark-coloured button-down shirt, and a tie standing beside a car with city buildings in the background.

"Hi everyone, I'm Elon Musk," the man said in the video following the onscreen text suggesting that "China could never copy Tesla!"

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People were quick to comment and believe that the man looks more like Musk than Musk himself.

One wrote: "This looks like Elon musk pretending to be someone pretending to be Elon Musk."

"He looks like Elon Mask more than Elon Mask himself," another added.

Someone else joked: "Elon's looking younger these days."

In December 2021, Musk's lookalike went viral after a video was published on Facebook. He could be seen standing next to a black car wearing all-black while talking and looking at the camera.

The video was initially found on a TikTok-style app called Douyin.

Some people believe that this video could be a deepfake, which is a technology that allows people to superimpose someone's face on someone else's body in a realistic way. also said that The Global Times also became invested in the twin tale and noted that the Asian version of Musk could have used an AI face to appear with the features of Musk.

There isn't a proper way to tell because we do not know him, which makes it hard to prove if that's really his face.

Despite this, Musk has addressed the comparisons.

After posting an announcement on Twitter that he would be paying $11bn in taxes(which he says is the largest tax bill ever), someone commented on his post with a side-by-side image of himself and his "twin."

"Maybe I'm partly Chinese!" Musk wrote, seemingly noting the similarities.

Musk was born to a Canadian mother and a White South African father and is a citizen of the US.

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