Elon Musk fanboys are getting hit with more community notes than anyone else

Elon Musk fanboys are getting hit with more community notes than anyone else
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The Community Notes function on X/Twitter is arguably one of the few good things to happen to the platform since Elon Musk took over in late 2022.

If nothing else, that's because it corrects his fanboys more than anybody else on the social media website.

A list published recently shows the profiles that were hit with the most Community Notes, which essentially allows other users to fact-check posts.

And in totally unsurprising news, a fair few of the top 10 accounts with the most community notes also frequently heap praise on the billionaire.

In second place is an account called iluminatibot. It focuses on topics like "the Illuminati", a name given to various groups which conspiracy theorists secretly control the world.

The account also frequently posts about the "new world order", and has repeatedly praised Musk for supporting conspiracy theories.

At number five is Ian Miles Cheong, an influencer who regularly interacts with Musk.

Last month, he was widely mocked for seemingly trying to suck up to Musk by saying he didn't like the violence in the Grand Theft Auto video game series, after the billionaire himself said he didn't like the idea of shooting police.

Cheong has had 177 community notes on X/Twitter – and one of them revealed that he had written at least 255 articles about playing the game. Busted.

Another Musk supporter, a far-right conspiracy theorist who has spread misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines is also on the list at number six.

Stew Peters applauded Musk's comments criticising the Anti-Defamation League, a pro-Jewish group which has called him out on antisemitic tweets.

Another conspiracy theorist, Dom Lucre, takes eighth spot. Lucre was suspended from X after reportedly sharing child exploitation material. Musk then reinstated Lucre – so much for that so-called zero-tolerance policy.

Perhaps the most revealing entry on the list, however, is at number 28, which is occupied by Musk himself.

Aside from the aforementioned posts supporting antisemitic statements, the X/Twitter owner has repeatedly helped amplify conspiracy theories, including the claim that the man who broke into the home of Sen. Nancy Pelosi in 2022 was her husband Paul’s secret gay lover.

Musk has got 60 community notes to his name so far, and who knows how many more he'll get.

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