Conspiracy theorists go after Beyonce's 'illuminati' performance

Conspiracy theorists go after Beyonce's 'illuminati' performance
Beyonce's father defends Dubai concert after backlash from LGBT+ fans

Legendary musical artist Beyoncé recently had a lavish and exclusive concert at Atlantis The Royal hotel in Dubai, her first performance since 2018.

She sang 19 songs, including “Brown Skin Girl,” with her daughter, Blue Ivy, 11.

Despite the concert being teased as a “weekend where your dreams become your destination,” conspiracy theorists are going after the Renaissance artist’s performance over unfounded claims it had illuminati undertones.

In numerous TikTok videos, people have taken it upon themselves to share clips from Beyoncé’s performance, highlighting what they felt were signs of something dark.

In one video, someone assumed the songstress was performing “rituals in our face.”

The clip showed a compilation of live-action moments of Beyoncé walking on the stage as she prepared to be placed on a podium that would be elevated in the air as she sang.

In another part of the clip, she could be seen performing the track “Halo” with one of the backup dancers raising up her arms, holding an unidentified album.

The backdrop also appeared to show religious statues.


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Another video also referenced the artist being put onto a podium to be elevated. The video also included another clip from another performance that appeared to show her looking ghoulish and demonic.

“Maybe that’s why she didn’t dance…#justsaying,” the onscreen text reads.


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A third video showed an aerial view of the Dubai hotel being lit up in what seemed like fireworks before Beyoncé is introduced onstage.

She was also adorning yellow to seemingly match the sun-inspired backdrop.

The poster believed this was the singer's attempt to liken herself to a “deity.”

“What in the hell is going on here? A ritual to the grand reveal spectacle? An eye portal for stage and Beyoncé dressed in yellow to represent a deity?” the onscreen text reads.


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Someone else decided to share a video of the “Break My Soul” artist’s concert in reverse believing she is in her “devil era.”


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In other Beyoncé concert news, some people had reservations about her performing in Dubai in the first place as the United Arab Emirates has strict anti-LGBT+ laws.

But her father, Matthew Knowles, viewed the moment differently, noting that she had a very diverse crowd, gave respect, and in turn received respect, which brought people together, TMZ reported.

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