Elon Musk deletes meme after someone pointed out a disturbing detail

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Elon Musk deleted a meme shortly after he tweeted it because it featured an alt-right media personality known for spreading anti-Semitic and white supremacist ideology.

Monday morning, Musk tweeted a meme featuring a man saluting the McDonald's flag with no caption.

Users responded to the meme believing the man featured was the far-right personality Anthime "Tim" Gionet also known as "Baked Alaska".

"Is that baked alaska?" a Twitter user responded.

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Gionet is famous for his live streams where he harasses or annoys bystanders, specifically related to left-wing protests or ideology. Notoriously, Gionet live-streamed the January 6th attack on the Capitol which led to his arrest.

Upon this realization, Musk quietly deleted his tweet but not before several Twitter users took screenshots.

Seemingly, Musk did not know the tweet featured Baked Alaska and deleted it upon realizing he was in it. However, he did not publicly comment on it.

Shortly after, Musk tweeted a photo of the popular internet meme, Pepe the Frog, which has been associated with the alt-right. The meme featured a phrase, "I don't care about this particular psyop".

One person, seemingly a fan of Gionet, tweeted that Musk had tweeted out "classic Baked Alaska", seemingly excited Musk was reaching Gionet's fanbase.


Another person noted Musk's tweet, adding "YOBA" (Year of Baked Alaska) a common phrase used among Gionet fans.

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