Elon Musk stole a website's meme and was roasted so badly he deleted it

Elon Musk stole a website's meme and was roasted so badly he deleted it
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Elon Musk has been absolutely roasted on social media after being accused of stealing a website’s meme without crediting the source.

The Tesla CEO was called out by satirical gaming site Hard Drive, after he shared a picture from its article titled ‘Zodiac Killer Letter Solved By Opening It With VLC Media Player’ without crediting the site.

The site replied to Musk’s now deleted tweet, saying it would “give him a horse” if he ‘stopped cropping their name off their articles’.

The comment is a reference to the allegations made against Musk, that he previously denied as "utterly untrue", which claim he sexually harassed a flight attendant following reports that he exposed himself on a 2016 private jet flight to London and offered to buy her a horse if she gave him an erotic massage.

The Tesla CEO replied: “Well, if you make something that looks like a meme & someone (not me) crops off your name, so it goes.

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“Also, this is only a 6/10 meme, so maybe step down from that high horse! The selfless art of anonymous meme creators is something to be admired.”

After Hard Drive posted a story titled ‘Elon Musk Admits He Wants to Travel to Mars Because No One Hates Him There Yet’ in response in the thread, Musk tried to hit back – but found himself ratioed in pretty emphatic style.

“Less funny than SNL on a bad day,” he wrote. “This could make a drunk person sober. Try harder!”

In a mic drop moment, Hard Drive then posted a picture of Musk in a Wario suit on the set of SNL and wrote: “Well, you’re an expert on SNL’s bad days.”


Musk wasn’t finished there though, writing: “The reason you’re not that funny is because you’re woke.

“Humour relies on an intuitive and often awkward truth being recognized by the audience, but woke is a lie, which is why nobody laughs.”

As one social media seemed to sum up the collective feeling to the whole thing by writing: “Elon keeps stealing s*** from Hard Drive Mag and goes full meltdown right wing culture warrior when called out on it. If they're so unfunny and woke why does he keep stealing their s***.”

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