Elon Musk appears to agree that the left are similar to a genocidal dictator

Elon Musk appears to agree that the left are similar to a genocidal dictator
Elon Musk Is Resigning As Twitter CEO

Elon Musk has been speaking about the American left, appearing to agree that they’re similar to the genocidal dictator Pol Pot in a lengthy Twitter exchange.

Musk has been critical of the media’s coverage of his “Twitter Files” series over recent week, which shed light on how the company was run before he reluctantly bought it for $44bn.

The first “Twitter Files” was written by Substack journalist Matt Taibbi and focussed on Twitter’s internal discussion over the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 presidential election, won by his father Joe Biden.

Musk has been sharing memes which claim that the media is avoiding coverage of the files, and he’s also been engaging in a Twitter thread about ‘corporate journalism’.

Now, he also responded to comments linking the left with the ideology of communist dictator Pot.

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“Why is corporate journalism rushing to defend the state instead of the people?” Musk wrote, replying to a comment about Twitter Files.

Director Robby Starbuck then wrote in response: “Because corporate journalists are the PR arm of the left wing ruling class and have been for over a decade. They did this because the left understands the value of owning cultural institutions like media, film, music, etc. Their billionaires invest tons into this. Ours do not.”

Musk replied: “How did this shift happen? Feels like the conventional media used to be more balanced.”

Alt-right commentator and conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich then got involved in the thread by writing: “It used to be that 'media' would be biased but not outright fabricate sources. ‘Deep Throat’ really existed, even if Watergate doesn’t hold up historically as some evil. Now, most news is made up completely. Or ‘sources’ are randos given anonymity and pushed as ‘senior level.’”

He added: “The shift was generational. Boomers still have a civil libertarian streak to them. Some Gen X but cowed to silence mostly. Younger generations are zealots. Hence the current push for Year Zero, straight from Pol Pot.

“Struggle sessions we see today are also youth-led. Statues torn down. Humiliating renunciations of thought crimes deal and fake. Marxism is being pushed on kids to bring back Pol Pot. And why your work in buying twitter may be the last way to avoid genocide and civil war.”

Musk commented in a way that seemed to suggest he might agree with the assertions, replying with two exclamation marks.

An estimated two million people perished under the regime of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, orchestrated by the communist dictator Pot from 1975 to 1979.

Indy100 has reached out to Twitter and Elon Musk’s representatives for comment.

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