Will Twitter survive the Elon Musk era?

Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, now Twitter owner, casually quoted US President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, summoning up enough chutzpah to compare the creation of the US to his takeover of the social media hellsite.

"By the People,

"For the People," he tweeted early Tuesday (15 November) morning.

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However, his insistence that the site is now a place for all was contradicted after he reportedly sent critical media coverage to well-known American tech journalist and podcaster Kara Swisher - which is the kind of thing former President Donald Trump would do.

During Swisher's recent podcast episode (aired on 14 November) with Nayeema Raza, she revealed that Musk sent her an email with the subject line reading: "You are an a******," and the email provided a screenshot of the things Swisher tweeted about him.

Musk and Swisher have had an extensive social and professional relationship of nearly 20 years, with the journalist interviewing the billionaire on numerous occasions.

However, on her latest podcast episode, she shared that she and Musk haven't communicated in a while and even described her relationship with him as an "up and down" one.

She explained that Musk was not talking to her and called her an a******. "He's not speaking to me. I'm an a******. He emailed me this recently," Swisher said.

However, the most ironic thing about it all, Swisher explained, was that Musk sent her the email after she tweeted in support of him. The tweet in question saw Swisher agreeing that Musk should be paid compensated by the US for providing Starlink services to help aid Ukraine in the conflict with Russia.

But on 17 October at night, she got an email from Musk that called her out of her name, which was interesting given the support she was showing him.

"In this case, I was supporting him, which is really kind of ironic," she said.

Swisher admitted that she messaged Musk back.

"I was like, 'Are you kidding me? I actually was supporting you here; you are obviously getting bad information,'" she said before adding that he didn't respond back to her message.

Once people online heard Swisher make this revelation, they didn't hesitate to compare his behaviour to Trump's.

Medhi Hasan of MSNBC tweeted: "So Musk apparently sent @karaswisher an email with the subject line, "You're an asshole," and in the email was a screenshot of her tweets about him.

"How Trumpy of him!"

"Musk is basically just another Trump," another added.

Others believe Swisher is showing Musk a lot of grace despite his actions towards her.

"Wow. And she is actually pretty nice to him considering…" one added.

Someone else wrote: "Hopefully, she stops being so damn patient with him. She was the least critical out of the critics pre-acquisition."

Swisher has been a critic of how exactly the big tech giant companies operate or how the tech elites within those organisations behave and work.

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