‘Elton John’ spider that ‘wears sunglasses’ and ‘plays imaginary piano’ goes viral

‘Elton John’ spider that ‘wears sunglasses’ and ‘plays imaginary piano’ goes viral

It’s that time of year where you can’t go into the garden or open a window without getting covered in cobwebs, sending a few spiders scurrying off into the nearest corner.

Let’s be honest, it’s not the most pleasant experience for us or the spiders. However, that being said, we’d be very happy to encounter this little fella who is definitely injecting a bit of glam into everyone’s lives.

A spider in Australia has become a viral sensation as, according to some, it looks a lot like Sir Elton John. At first glance, the creepy-crawly has an almost golden colour tone, four big beady eyes and a tuft of hair on its head.

If you squint, it also looks like the spider is wearing a miniature pair of the iconic singer’s typically extravagant glasses - and even seems to mimic playing the piano.

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The video was recently shared on Facebook by Adrian Pearce and has since gone viral with many people (at least those without arachnophobia) loving the little eight-legged Elton John impersonator.

“That is seriously adorable,” said one person in response to the viral clip.

“Elton John if he came back as a spider,” added another. “What a cute, cool dude”, said a third.

The spider has since been identified as a female White-banded House Jumper, otherwise known as Maratus scutulatus. It is commonly found on the bark of trees and green leaves in western Australia. Pearce reportedly saw this little one at Horse Camp, west of Bundaberg.

Although the females can only grow to just 7mm, with the men even smaller at 5mm, you wouldn’t want to be cuddling up to one of these as their bite can cause pain, inflammation and even mild illness. Yikes!

Still, at least this one looks like it could give us a few tunes. Bennie and the Webs, anyone? How about I’m Still Standing (On Eight Legs)?

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